New York

The Supreme Court is Poised to Blow A Giant Hole in Gun Control. Here’s How the Liberal Justices Can Intervene.

October 21, 2019

Lost in the shuffle of a busy October at the Supreme Court—one filled with high profile developments concerning the right to abortion and the treatment of LGBT workers—was a single, ominous sentence buried away on page eleven of the Court’s first orders list of the Term: “The Respondents’ Suggestion of Mootness is denied.”  Despite its opacity, this single sentence is…

Evaluating New York’s “Revenge Porn” Law: A Missed Opportunity to Protect Sexual Privacy

March 19, 2019

Six years after lawmakers first considered the issue of nonconsensual pornography, New York has criminalized the practice. We wholeheartedly support the effort in our role as legal scholars and as advocates for the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI). One of us (Franks) drafted the first model statute criminalizing “revenge porn” and worked on New York’s…