Travel Ban

Statements and Standards in Trump v. Hawaii

June 28, 2018

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court sided with the Trump Administration in Trump v. Hawaii, the challenge to the third iteration of the President’s travel ban. President Trump quickly characterized the decision as “a tremendous victory,” and in the Manichaean world the President seems to inhabit, it’s definitely a win. But the opinion itself—which leaves the…

Don’t Forget Congress When Assigning Blame: Thoughts on Trump v. Hawaii

June 27, 2018

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision in Trump v. Hawaii, the travel ban or Muslim ban case, it is unfortunately necessary to engage—or continue to engage—in the process of assigning blame. Starting during the presidential campaign and continuing into his presidency, Donald Trump gave much reason to fear that he had “animus,” to…

The Travel Ban Arguments and the President’s Words

April 27, 2018

Coming out of Wednesday’s arguments in Trump v. Hawaii, the dominant view—see, for example, here, here, and here—was that the federal government was likely to prevail and the Proclamation would be upheld. I was less sure; my impression was that if the Court reached the Establishment Clause question—a big if—there was a good chance that…